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Horoscopes for February 2019
by Frederick Woodruff /

ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): Quality control is the key phrase for you this month. Reassessing your friendships is a good place to start. Much of this month involves the ups and down of your social life, especially with intimates. The full moon on the 19th throws light on a health issue that needs your attention. Become proactive; don’t wait until a simple condition becomes complicated (and expensive to cure).

Lucky Days: 8 - 11

Lucky Numbers: 36 - 39


TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): The next six years promise to be some of the most unpredictable in your life. Now that the freedom-loving planet Uranus has set up residency in your sign, all bets are off as to your direction (and motives). This sounds exciting but it might be too much upheaval for the comfort loving bull. The secret to weathering the changes ahead? Align with that old Zen axiom: “The only constant in life is change.”

Lucky Days: 8 - 12

Lucky Numbers: 37 - 50


GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): Collaborations and creative teamwork are high on your list of priorities this month. But more important is discovering new ways to implement goals within existing arrangements. As Woodrow Wilson once said, “If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” Fortunately you have a skill for charming others with your wit and command of language. Choose your words carefully to insure smooth transitions.

Lucky Days:  8 - 28

Lucky Numbers: 7 - 28


CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): The full moon on the 19th offers you a golden opportunity related to your finances. Most likely this will involve solidifying a partnership with verbal agreements or contracts. This month marks a significant turning point related to career and money, something you’ve envisioned since last year. Establish new bonds to set old (and new dreams) on a successful path forward.

Lucky Days:  7 - 15

Lucky Numbers: 38 - 45


LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): Your special fortune cookie for the month of February reads: “Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.” Your only requirement is to trust the current path you are on. The secret to accomplishing this? Stay true to what you love and respect. In other words, allow passion and loyalty to guide you in through the out door. You won’t be led astray.

Lucky Days: 2 - 22

Lucky Numbers:  13 - 19


VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): Don’t allow your shy side to prevent you from joining the party. The full moon in your sign on the 19th moves you directly into the spotlight. And with the luck planet, Jupiter, sailing through your fourth house of family, you’re about to become a superstar on the home front. Use these cosmic forces to your advantage by rallying kin to align with that pet project you set in motion last summer.

Lucky Days: 5 - 10

Lucky Numbers: 9 - 43


LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23 Skeletons come popping out of the closet during this month’s full moon on the 19th.  How to welcome these unwelcome interlopers? If you’ve harbored grudges (or regrets) related to loved ones during the past year, find a way to express your truth and gather support rather than opposition. Your desire for harmony will guide you forward; but don’t pull your punches—the truth really does set us free.

Lucky Days: 6 - 14

Lucky Numbers: 44- 46


SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22): You’re not really much of a joiner but the full moon on the 19th puts pressure on you to reconsider your deep love of solitude. Remember, there are like-minded people out there that would love to get to know you better. Make it a goal this year to expand your social circle and share with others the profound sense of mystery that you experience in your private life.

Lucky Days: 3 - 16

Lucky Numbers: 22 – 28


SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23-DEC 21): With Jupiter, your ruling planet, in your own star sign this year your enthusiasm for living is busting out all over the pace–in your career, love life and especially with those nearest and dearest on the home front. Your natural gift as a teacher has never been so pronounced; the wealth of your wisdom will enrich anyone lucky enough to land in your magic circle.

Lucky Days: 2 - 20

Lucky Numbers: 5 - 23



Somewhere beneath the goat’s stern exterior there’s a dark sense of humor just itching to be set free. Your goal for the rest of this year is to find an outlet for this whimsical side of your serious nature. In other words balance is a keyword for you in 2019. Yes, practicality ensures your security, but humor can also act as a life-affirming quality. Use it.

Lucky Days: 8 - 19

Lucky Numbers: 33 - 36


AQUARIUS (JAN 21-FEB 19): This month’s key activity? Giving in to your urge to purge. Make a detailed list of anything you feel is holding you back, start a small fire, and send those restrictions up in smoke. The new moon in your house of resurrection and transformation finds you saying goodbye to anything (or anyone) that doesn’t support your higher truths. Your altruistic vision for living is set to become a reality this year.

Lucky Days: 26 - 28

Lucky Numbers: 1 - 11


PISCES (FEB 20-MAR 20): Could it be magic? Well, sort of. Neptune continues to bestow you with otherworldly psychic powers and insights—use those perceptions wisely. Your commitment to art and beauty has never been stronger as Jupiter activates your ruling planet throughout the year. Your charm nimbus is expanding, pushing you beyond your comfort zone and into the arms of those who can support you most.

Lucky Days: 7 - 15

Lucky Numbers: 4 - 23

Click here for next month's "By The Stars"


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