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The Arguments Continue!

Dear Readers:

Letters continue to come in about arguments between players at Bingo, including some juicy ones not related to politics! Some examples follow. —Aunt Bingo


Dear Aunt Bingo:

While recent letters in your column have focused on people getting into political debates at Bingo, that is not the only topic that can get folks stirred up.

There was a shocker of an argument that happened where I play Bingo between two women who apparently live in the same senior complex and are both interested in the same man.

One of them kept insisting that this man was her boyfriend, while the other kept saying she was imagining things and that this man was interested in her. Apparently these two had fought at the residence too and had been warned to stay away from each other or face a disciplinary hearing. (Did you know they had hearings like that in senior complexes? It was news to me!)

These women had obeyed the residence warning but then found themselves at Bingo on the same night and immediately started to fight. I mean, it was LOUD! It was also quite a surprise because these women had to be in their 70s or older, but they sure had a lot of energy. One of them was actually screaming at the other and it really looked like it was going to get physical.

A couple of players got between them along with some of the workers, so it never got beyond shouting. The Bingo manager is a no-nonsense type and he threw them both out and banned them from coming back.

It was so crazy—and something those of us who witnessed it talked about for weeks!

Lisa M., via email


Dear Lisa:

Your email was the one that triggered my running one more column of letters about arguments at Bingo because, first, I got quite a few emails on the topic and second, I received two submissions on this same incident. The other letter was unsigned and included some details about shoving and possibly one woman spitting at the other, but otherwise it was obviously the same altercation—and clearly quite a show!

Seeing as some time has passed, I can’t help but be curious about how this situation resolved itself. Have these women remained banned from Bingo? Did the man at the center of the controversy make a choice between the two feuding females? Did one of them run the other over with her car in the Bingo hall parking lot? Let us know! —Aunt Bingo


Dear Aunt Bingo:

I co-direct a Bingo hall and to be honest am typically too busy to take time to read your newspaper or write in to anyone about anything. But this topic of arguments at Bingo caught my attention because it happens more often than you would think and for all kinds of reasons.

I have broken up fights between:

* A husband and wife over where to go to dinner after Bingo; 

* Two sisters over sharing Bingo winnings;

* Two “friends” about local politics;

* Two “friends” about national politics;

* Two more “friends” over football;

…and that’s just for starters.

Maybe it’s because of the tension of coming close to winning and being beaten by someone else, but there is something about the atmosphere in a Bingo hall that seems to foster arguments between Bingo buddies.

I don’t like it and have a strict “shut up or get out” policy that ends these arguments quickly. But some psychologist should check into this because it’s very weird.

Name withheld, Colorado


Dear Bingo Director:

Do you have a college or university in your area? You may have just come up with an excellent Ph.D. thesis topic. —Aunt Bingo    

Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email her at Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

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