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Bingo Fests and Feasts

Recently we invited readers to write in and tell us about their most memorable Bingo hall dining experiences. Following are a few of the responses we received. —Aunt Bingo


Dear Aunt Bingo:

My favorite dining experiences are actually whole-big-event experiences that take place at several churches in my region and include Bingo.

These churches have Bingo licenses and offer weekly Bingo throughout the year. But they also have annual festivals or family socials during which they serve food, provide entertainment, and will also have a session or two of Bingo.

One church has a summer festival and sets up a big tent outdoors where people can play Bingo or just sit and relax with a meal out of the sun.

A Greek Orthodox church has a similar event and sells amazing Greek food and also offers Bingo in the church center.

Still another church has a Christmas bazaar where vendors and crafters sell holiday items, students perform holiday music, there’s a primo turkey dinner, and Bingo in the evening.

The Christmas turkey dinner is probably my favorite, but it is really hard to stay awake for the Bingo!

JG, New York


Dear Aunt Bingo:

You asked people to write in about unforgettable Bingo hall dining experiences. My most unforgettable is not a meal I had, but one I have witnessed many times by another player.

Mrs. G. brings a small basket with her that not only has food, but also contains china, glassware, cutlery, a tablecloth, placemat, cloth napkin, a vase with flowers and an electric candle—which I assume she uses because there must be a fire code against a candle with an open flame!

Before the start of Bingo, Mrs. G. lays out her place setting and has a lovely candlelit dinner while she waits for Bingo to start. Sometimes friends join her, sometimes she dines alone, but it is a regular ritual with her and is just adorable.

I’ve been tempted to copy her, except that it seems like too much work!

Alice M., Indiana, via email


Dear Aunt Bingo:

There is a Bingo in our area that has a dining experience that is the best—Free Food!

It is nothing fancy—a free hot dog and drink for paying players—plus they sell other stuff like munchies and additional beverages if you want more.

I think this is the greatest idea because it probably doesn’t cost the hall very much and it is a nice gesture to those of us who spend money there every year.

It makes you feel like you are getting a little something back on those many, many nights when the Bingo prizes are going to someone else.

William, via email    

Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email her at Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

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