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Does Dream Dog Have Something to Say?

Dear Dream Catcher,

Iím always dreaming about my dog even though my dog (Ginger) died several years ago. In these dreams Ginger is unleashed and by my side and it seems like she is talking to me. But what she is saying I donít understand, but it doesnít matter because the most comforting thing is that we are reunited. Are these reoccurring dreams simply because I miss her or is something more happening, is she trying to communicate something important to me that I canít comprehend? What do the dreams mean?

Sherri M., Ashland, OR


Dear Sherri,

Of course, on a conscious level, it makes perfect sense that you would be dreaming about your favorite dog. You miss Ginger and so there are incessant dreams about her. Keep this in mind: Whenever dreams reoccur, no matter the dreamís theme or content, there are powerful forces at work that our unconscious is attempting to convey. And there is nothing like repetition to bring home the dreamís particular message. For many of us, the relationship we have with our pets is often stronger and more binding than the relationship we have with friends or family members. This is directly related to the innocent nature of animals. It is much easier to let the heart open fully to a guileless animal than to the complex nature of human beings. What interests me in your dreams about Ginger are the efforts being made to establish a language between the two of you. I associate language with one of the special qualities that make human beings human, so it might be that Ginger is attempting to instill in you a readiness to accept how grief touches the life of all humans, that none of us ever escape the pain associated with grief, as life is always filled with loss on different levelsĖboth animal and human. And along with loss comes renewal, rebirth and perhaps the seed thought that one might even find a new animal companion to accompany her on this mysterious journey we call life. óDC


Dear Dream Catcher,

I am a Pisces and I noticed that as soon as Jupiter entered the sign Sagittarius [in November of 2018] my dreams took on a much more energized and optimistic feeling. Not only were my dreams more hopeful but they were actually more vivid and colorful. I had never thought about this beforeóthat dreams could be neutral or dreams could happen in color. Iím wondering if astrology influences our dream life? And also I wonder what my dreams will be like when Jupiter enters Capricorn at the end of 2019?

Karen C. Long Beach, CA


Dear Karen

Yes, absolutely! In my many years of working with clients and their dreams there are obvious correspondences between dream content and planetary movements, especially when planets change signs. If we think of the birth horoscope as a canvas (the kind an artist paints on) you can easily imagine the signs and the planets as mixtures of colors and textures atop the canvas. Another way to consider the horoscope is like a dream field, or dream stage. As planets shift positions in the zodiac itís like an actress on the stage shifting between scenes. Because Jupiter is one of the planets that has resonance with the sign Pisces it is not surprising to me that you would have noticed a significant change when Jupiter exited the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio. Because Jupiter also rules Sagittarius there would be a doubling up of jovial vibrations in your life; in other words, that sense of optimism and inspiration would influence your dream world. For most of us it is our dream world that shows the first signs of events transforming in our waking world. Iíd bet that as Jupiter enters Capricorn youíll begin to see your dreams change thematically again, where the imagery will be more earthbound and involve acts of discipline and persistence; actions that help all of your Piscean dreams come trueóDC

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