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Above it All

Dear Dream Catcher,

In my inspiring dream I am perched high above earth on a towering platform. The weather is calm and sunny. Next to me, a smiling man on a larger tower drops down and shakes my hand. I’m a writer and my award winning screenplays have not been produced. I find new hope!

Doris G. NY, NY


Dear Terry

Indeed, there a key elements to this dream that are inspiring, especially for someone involved with a creative process, which writing a screenplay certainly involves; although, like all dreams, there are multi-levels of meaning at work here. That the dream has you “perched high above the earth” could be the dream’s way of alerting you to a kind a kind of ivory tower inaccessibility, a type of distancing that might interfere with the very social requirements of getting something like a screenplay produced. Encouragement arrives in the form of a masculine ally–also perched even higher than you–but his height might have to do with a position of power and influence in the world. The dream is giving you two distinct messages. The first one is the need to get your feet down on the ground, as far as your aspirations are concerned. The second has to do with forging contacts with people (like an agency or writers’ support group) who can assist you in the process of making your writing dream a reality. Good luck!  —Dream Catcher


Dear Dream Catcher

Here is a really strange dream for you. This happened after my wife and I got into an argument about my drinking habits. Although I’m certainly not an alcoholic, I do enjoy some beers in front of the TV when I return home from a long day at work. In my dream I am floating along in a river but the boat that I am sitting in is more like a canoe that’s been made from a gigantic beer bottle! Everything is going along swell until the waters in the river become rough and I notice that I am headed straightaway for a waterfall. Just when I think I am going to go over the edge I wake up. What do you think of this dream please!

Morton L., Denver, CO


Dear Morton

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the events that lead up to us having a dream. Why? Because our unconscious will take over during the nighttime and continue on with a daytime narrative, that in this case started with the confrontation between you and your wife. This is the dream’s way of providing insights and clues that will help you in your real life relationships; both with your wife and perhaps your colleagues at work. In the case of your dream the disagreement about your drinking was met with an almost comical image that turned out to be a rather serious and potentially life-threatening harbinger. The giant beer-shaped canoe might be telling you that you are using the relaxing effects of alcohol to float atop some of the stress and pressures related to your job and marriage. You can be sailing along quite peacefully for sometime, but, as your wife seems to have noticed, perhaps this isn’t the best approach for you to take. This doesn’t mean necessarily that the dream is telling you to completely stop drinking beer, but it is saying to you, “Hey, take some time out and see if you are not dealing constructively with tensions that could eventually turn into rough waters and a tumble of some kind.” Dreams are often thought to be portents regarding our future, and this just might be one of those kinds of dreams for you.

Send your dreams to The Dream Catcher c/o Not all dreams are published.

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