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Mirror, Mirror

Dear Dream Catcher,

I hope that you can shed some light on this dream. It wasnít a long dream but the images made me feel strange after I woke up. Here is the dream: I am standing in a hallway somewhere (I didnít recognize the place). There is a mirror before me. I am looking in the mirror and admiring myself (I am not wearing any makeup and my hair is ordinary, not fixed up). Then all of a sudden the image in the mirror changes. When I study my image again I see that I have transformed into a Japanese geisha. I am shocked. Then my husband appears behind me and says, ďThis is exactly what Iíve been hoping for.Ē And then that is the end of the dream. I cannot get the image of me as a geisha out of my mind. What does this mean?

Millie K. Bronx, NY


Dear Millie

First, there is no definitive meaning to a dream as interpreted by an outsider. The closest you will come to hitting the bullís-eye with a dreamís meaning is to examine your emotional response to the dream. It is the feeling that your dream conjures that offers a direct understanding. That being said, I will give your dream a try. Mirrors often symbolize truth for they reflect back only what is in front of them. We might have an image of ourselves being this way or that, but a mirror will show you how you actually appear. The start of your dream indicates an attitude of relaxed acceptance towards yourself and your appearance. There is nothing hidden (no makeup) or embellished (no fashionable hairstyle). The dream confirms your sense of security and wellbeing with who you are as a woman. But then the imagery shifts and moves you to the heart of the dreamís message, a message that appears through contrast. It is the geishaís task to fulfill the wishful fantasies of what many men consider to be ideal femininity. (Which explains the appearance of your husband and his wish fulfillment). The geisha has a beautiful presence in life but no voice. This dream suggests that it is time to examine the dynamics of power, especially how power is expressed in your relationship with men. The dream wants you to find your voice and use it. óD.C.


Dear Dream Catcher

Here is my dream. I am walking to the market with my friend Margaret. We are chatting with each other and trying to decide if we should steal a couple of apples from a display case in the market. Iím uncertain about taking something without paying for it. Just as weíre ready to snatch the apples a little raccoon appears from underneath the bin and tells us to go ahead and take the apples. He guarantees that nothing will happen to us. But thatís when I wake up. What do you think?

Sharon L., Long Beach, Ca.


Dear Sharon

Raccoons have a history of being associated with bandits and crime, probably because of the mask-like markings on their face. This little critter appearing in your dream might indicate that itís important to pay attention to your instincts. And how your instincts guide you. In the wild there arenít human laws in place to oversee behavior; laws that can sometimes be arbitrary or unfair. Animals take what they can find or catch to survive and your dream might be putting you in touch with this part of your nature. Not that the dream is telling you to steal or break the law, but it could be suggesting that you become a little more creative in the pursuit of your desires. Donít worry so much about what other people might think. Be true to your natural ability to acquire what you need. The raccoon is suggesting that you think outside of the box of conventional rules. óD.C.

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