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New Horizons 

Dear Dream Guy,
In my dream my good friend and I are at a carwash, waiting outside for my car to appear on the exit ramp of the wash. But it never arrives. We keep waiting for my car and then finally I go to find the manager of the car wash to ask him what happened to my vehicle. And he says to me: “Lady, didn’t you see what all the commotion was about earlier? A little kid got into your car and drove away in the opposite direction.” I was so shocked I woke up from the dream instantly. What do you make of this?
Fran M., Baltimore, MD

Dear Fran,
Cars are important in dreams; very often a vehicle represents the manner in which we motor or maneuver our way through life–but in a very public way. Unlike clothing, which is a much more personal expression of our image, cars can symbolize how we strategize to get ahead, how we attempt to reach our goals directly, moving from “Point A” to “Point B.” Because a small child took over your vehicle in your narrative, and ended up taking off in the “opposite direction,” it’s probably a good time to rethink how you’ve been formulating your goals—the path you have been following. The dream seems to suggest that you “wash away” your old efforts and return to the start of your journey to try out a fresh approach, which is what children often indicate in our dreams–new beginnings. —Dream Guy

Dear Dream Guy,
During Christmastime last year I dreamed that I was alone on a beach but could see a very bright white star hanging over the horizon. Although time passed, the star never wavered or set. When my alarm went off for work I awoke with a deep sense of peace and joy. Was this just the holiday spirit moving through me?
 Rachel R., Seattle, WA

Dear Rachel,
The simplicity of your dream is lovely, and no less potent for it. Horizons and shorelines often mark a willingness to reconsider the entirety of one’s situation, be that a job, relationship or puzzling riddle. When we are moving about on land we have the option of going any direction we choose, but when we arrive at the ocean we pause, usually in awe of the grandeur of nature. A kind of time out. The unwavering star marks your dedication to seeing and exploring the unknown, to remain open to a revelation or new insight. That the star is constant in the sky indicates that a silent sort of spiritual guidance could be leading the way. What a wonderful holiday gift this dream gave you. —Dream Guy

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