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Turning 70
Dream Lady retires after 33 years

Dear Dream Lady,
Those words have greeted me for the past thirty-five years. I started out as a typesetter for Roger Snowden, late publisher of the Bingo Bugle on Vashon Island. Roger needed a writer to follow the popular Aunt Bingo advice columnist. I suggested a dream interpretation column. He said, “Let’s try it,” and it was an immediate success. Dear Dream Lady started out as a lark, but as I opened envelopes, often tear-stained, from reader/dreamers across America, I realized this was serious business.
My first wake-up call was from a New York reader who wanted to commit suicide because he hated his job so much. He wrote about “monsters at work and flying dreams” which symbolized overcoming serious obstacles in his waking life. He was only two years away from retiring. I encouraged him to “hang in there” and think of the many people who did not have jobs; in fact I recall scolding him for being such a whiner—those were nave words from a “thirty-something” woman who had not yet experienced “bully bosses.” (Roger, by the way was the most enjoyable of all my employers.) The man wrote me a letter after he retired (and had a pension!) and thanked me for “saving his life.” Those letters stick with you.
The second memorable dream was from a woman serving in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services) in the Naval Reserve. She and her lifelong friend had had a serious spat over a man while in the service and quit being friends. Years later, she was having nightly dreams of her friend trying to contact her. I suggested she hire a private detective, find the friend and make up. She did! She sent me a letter in December of that year noting that she, her friend and their families had celebrated Thanksgiving together! What a joy that was to read!
Through the years, Dream Lady has helped women break up with their mean boyfriends/husbands; saved a new mother from harming her baby (she was shaking the stove in her kitchen which is a serious dream symbolizing child abuse) and calmed people’s fears when they were visited by deceased loved ones in their dreams. I learned there is a lot we don’t know “out there.” We must not underestimate the power of love from the deceased who reach out to us from the fuzzy borders of life and death.
The “dreams of dead people” have been the most moving–and frequent. In all dreams, the people who died were returning to comfort the dreamer, not scare them. I am deeply respectful of those dreams.
I thank all the faithful readers through the years, but the one who stands out is Harry G. from Sun City, Arizona. His frequent, sometimes unpublished, dreams were a challenge to interpret. After each publication he would send me a thank you card. I haven’t heard from Harry for a while. I hope he is still alive to read this.
Lastly, I thank Tara Snowden, Roger’s daughter. She is as much fun to work with as Roger was. I wish her continued success with the Bingo Bugle.
Dream Lady

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