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Out of the Safe Zone

Dear Dream Catcher,

In my dream I’d gone to a theater to watch a movie about the circus. While sitting in the audience one of the clowns that was in the movie jumped out of the screen and came rushing over towards me. He sat down right next to me. He didn’t say a word. He just sat there. His presence made me feel uncomfortable and then I woke up. What is your take on this dream?

Kitty, S. St. Louis, MO


Dear Kitty,

Clowns are fascinating subjects as they always elicit strong emotions. Rarely is there indifference when it comes to the world of clowns. Your dream gives you several elements to read from. The first involves your passivity. With movies and television we simply sit back and watch the action happening somewhere else, away from us. We also feel safe with the distance—from the haunted house or the war zone—we know that it is “only a movie.” Except in your dream this is not the case. The action comes directly over to you and shatters the imagination’s safe zone. The clown figure seems to be telling you that you’re ready for a surprising shift in your demeanor. Clowns are individuals who skirt the edge of any culture. They get away with all kinds of surprising activities because of their audacity and attire. Your dream might to be telling you to slip into a new persona, a new sense of self that will take you out of the humdrum world and into the more active ‘circus of life.’ —Dream Catcher


Dear Dream Catcher,

I really enjoy reading all of the various ideas about dreams and I hope you can tell me something about this dream that I had last week. In my dream I am playing with a bow and arrow. I think I was about seven-years-old in the dream and sitting on a bench in the backyard of the house I grew up in. Towards the end of my dream I put the arrow in the trash and just played with the bow. The dream ended when I went to show the bow to my father and he wanted to know where the arrow was. I felt ashamed for some reason.

Laurel T., Bloomington, IL


Dear Laurel,

From an archeological perspective it is interesting to note that many weapons or hunting devices were first used as toys instead of survival devices. The bow and arrow is a good example. The bow was a musical instrument before it was made into a weapon. Your dream is addressing this truth from a woman’s point of view. This is why when your dream father asks you about the arrow the dream stops. The ending point of a dream is often the most important part because dreams stop when they want to exaggerate a certain feeling. This is the dream’s way of being emphatic with us. The masculine’s fascination with violence and weaponry as fun pastimes seems odd and disturbing to many women. But your dream is telling you to stay true to the fun, playful, childlike part of your nature that might feel distanced from aggression. You can be aware of violence and the push for survival in the world, but you need not play that tune in your life. How lovely. —Dream Catcher

Send your dreams to The Dream Catcher at P.O. Box 527, Vashon WA 98070. Not all dreams are published.

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