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Of Pies and Ponies

Dear Dream Catcher,

In my dream I was in a large auditorium with a bunch of other contestants, both men and women, of all age groups. An audience was present too; a very loud and rowdy group of people who were cheering and yelling while a contest took place. The contest was an apple pie eating challenge. I was seated at a long table with about ten other contestants and there was an endless parade of pies put in front of us. At the sound of a buzzer we all started cramming pieces of pie into our mouths. I was so jammed with pie I thought I might die from embarrassment. Despite my shame about looking like a glutton, I was fiercely determined to win the contest. So I just kept gobbling until finally, out of nowhere, I heard a women’s bloodcurdling scream. And that is when I woke up. What do you think any of this means? Please help me understand this.

Shirley T. Ojai, Ca.


Dear Shirley

Whenever I listen to (or read) a dreamer’s recounting of her dream I pay particular attention to words or phrases that jump out during the retelling. These are clues that help me deconstruct the dream in a meaningful way. I was struck by your phrase, “…fiercely competitive.” Your dream tells me that the manner in which your life is situated right now might be causing distress related to your well-being–your sense of survival (eating in a dream is usually related to some basic instinct in our life and how that instinct might feel thwarted). Your determination to win tells me you have a surfeit of vital energy at your disposal and that you are going to use it to win what you lack at this time in your life. The pie in the dream (a popular desert item) might indicate that you want to receive rewards for hard work (at a job or within a relationship or partnership that you are involved with). Screams, yells and growls are also related to the instinctual side of human nature. The scream you heard might have alerted you that you need not push so hard, that you’re winning even when you feel you have to push even harder. Slow down and savor your just desserts.
—Dream Catcher


Dear Dream Catcher

My dream was short and (really) sweet, as I love horses so much. In the dream I am a young girl and despite my parents having told me that I cannot have one, my grandmother takes me out behind our family house and gifts me with my very own pony. I rode off on the pony and never returned home. This is one of the happiest dreams I’ve ever had in my life and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Mariam L., Salt Lake City, Utah


Dear Mariam

Ponies often appear in dreams when, as adults, we long to reconnect with the kind of exuberance we experienced as children. For a child, a colt or pony symbolizes the powerful forces that are at work once puberty begins. The image of the pony often acts as a safe transitional image for the child (or the adult dreamer) who longs for more autonomy in his or her life. It’s no wonder your dream moved you in a joyful way–potentiality and freedom are just two of the qualities this dream might be addressing. Happy trails! —Dream Catcher

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