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Dream Dances 

Dear Dream Guy,
Last month I went to visit my sister in Texas and while staying at her home I had a series of dreams that involved Native Americans performing different dances and rituals. In each of the dreams I was only a spectator, one of several women who were present, holding hands in our own circle. My husband was there, but he was off to the side with another bunch of men, watching us watch the ceremony. When I would wake up I felt deep appreciation for the dreams. Is it possible that I was influenced by the native culture that is part of the land where my sister lives? And what might the ceremonial dances mean for me?
Susan M., Chicago, IL

Dear Susan,
During the nighttime our unconscious mind is porous to not only the movements of our ‘everyday’ mind and emotions, but also to the room and house that we sleep in; and also the city and the state we are in. In fact, we are open and vulnerable to the entire planet we share as Earthlings while we slumber at night. Native cultures, although still participating with modern times, maintain a much more defined link to their heritage and their relationship to nature. This lineage is often honored within their ceremonies and dances. Because you were in the company of other women, while observing and responding to the rituals in the dream, this might indicate that you are becoming more aware of your connection to the matriarchal realm. That your husband was removed and off to the side with other men is significant. Contemporary women are beginning to reject the bondage of our patriarchal heritage. They are becoming conscious of a greater potential within themselves and no longer experience self-worth strictly through their relationships with men. The dream might be inspiring you to explore more and to honor more frequently your female heritage —not just from your mother and grandmother—but from Mother Earth herself.
Dream Guy

Dear Dream Guy,
In the dream I’m flying somewhere but going nowhere. Not reaching a destination. I’m just flying and flying with no direction. The flying is pleasant enough, but what about arriving somewhere? Why am I so aimless in the dream? What is that about?
Bernadette K., Oakland, Ca.

Dear Bernadette,
The beauty of dreams and dreaming is that we are removed from our conventional sense of time, space—and gravity. Being up in the air, with a ‘bird’s eye view’ can mean many different things, but usually there is a sense of new perspective coming into view. The dream might be preparing you for this sort of insight. The fact that the dream is pleasant, despite the fact that you have no destination, no arrival anywhere, is very much in keeping with the Chinese philosophy of the Tao. In that school of thought one is at her best when the mind is not filled with assumptions or plans or predestinations. If you have ever heard the expression, “Just go with the flow,” you are familiar with the nature of the Tao. Your dream is suggesting this to you as well. Enjoy the movement and the mystery; the destination and your ‘arrival’ will be revealed through the new perspective you are developing.
Dream Guy

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