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Making Heads or Tails of Cat Dream 

Dear Dream Guy,
What does it mean when a cat is speaking to you in a dream? I have never owned a pet in my life (well, I did have a parakeet when I was a little girl). In my dream I was walking through the supermarket, looking for tuna, when all of a sudden a cat came around the corner of an aisle, stood next to me and said, in clear English: “If you’ll feed me I can make sure that you get to the top of the mountain.” When I woke up I couldn’t make heads or tails from this. Should I get a cat as a pet?
Regina K., San Diego, CA

Dear Regina,
Through the mists of time cats have seduced us with their beauty but also remained aloof and sometimes impersonal. As mammals they are unusual for their fierce independence. But cats also offer us clues about our psychology. Their nature mirrors our nature in many ways. Humans are social creatures for certain, but we also have private and mysterious parts that no one can fathom. A cat appearing in a dream can symbolize a meeting between these two parts of your character, the known and the unknown. The supermarket shows your need of nourishment; we go to markets for food, to sustain ourselves. But the cat’s message might be addressing another kind of food, perhaps food that is spiritual. Which is why she promises you that if you feed her, the cat part of nature, you will attain a new insight or vision about your life, symbolized by reaching the top of the mountain. This dream does not mean you should find yourself a kitty, however, for fun companionship in life cats rarely disappoint. Good luck on your journey!
Dream Guy

Dear Dream Guy,
In my dream I am standing with my grandmother by a Ferris wheel that has been set up for a small carnival. But when we look around there are no other people on the fairgrounds, just my grandmother and myself contemplating the amusement ride. I have missed my grandmother for many years since her death, and this is why the dream image moved me so deeply. What can you say about it?
Cheryl E., Detroit, MI

Dear Cheryl,
This is a dream about time and the cycles of life and a willingness on your part to shift into a new phase of life, that of the wise woman, symbolized by your grandmother. Carnivals involve groups of individuals having fun within the noise and hubbub of a social gathering, but here, the grounds are empty, which puts a strong focus on the dream’s rotating wheel. Wheels correspond to the cycles of life. Your grandmother’s presence is like a compassionate teacher, preparing you for a new cycle amidst the chaotic carnival of life. Aside from movement, a wheel also symbolizes regularity. Meaning, although events are always changing there is constancy and reliability within the change–it’s our only guarantee in life. This is a lovely dream and your grandmother must have been a wise woman indeed–she is showing you the way.
Dream Guy

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