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Traveler’s anxiety

Dear Dream Lady,
I dreamed that my passport was issued, but my name, address and even my photo was wrong! My “dream trip” was canceled because the officials could not correct my passport in time. The odd thing is that in real life, I am eagerly waiting for winter to end so I can enjoy my annual cruise trip. I also dreamed that instead of taking a Caribbean cruise, the officials said I had to take a train across Canada! I woke up confused and upset. Is this an omen that I should forget traveling this year?
Leslie M., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Leslie,
It does appear that your dreaming mind is warning you of something, however, I am not sure it is to cancel your travel plans. Is there something else going on in your life? If not, I advise you to book your annual cruise, but purchase trip-refund insurance and generous health insurance so you don’t have to worry if your dream trip becomes a nightmare.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I had the weirdest dream ever! I dreamed I went to my osteopath/chiropractor and he told me that I had several broken bones and needed to see him every day for at least six weeks. I was shocked. By the way, this was my real chiropractor, not a stranger. Should I be worried?
Bonnie E., Apache Junction, Arizona

Dear Bonnie,
Yes. This is clearly a “warning” dream that you are entering a “clumsy stage” for a few weeks and you need to watch your step. I advise against bungee jumping, spelunking, rock climbing or parachuting. I’m speaking with my tongue in my cheek, but nevertheless, this dream is a clear signal for you to be cautious for a few weeks.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I often have dreams that I am talking to a small owl that is perched on the brick wall in my back yard garden. He talks to me as if it is the most natural thing in the world. I ask him simple questions and he offers wise answers. I am a bit mystified. What does it mean?
Darlene B, St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Darlene,
Sometimes owls symbolize discord, but in this dream, your owl reflects wisdom. The brick wall symbolizes solidarity, comfort and protection. I would say count your blessings that you have a wise entity in your life.
Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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