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Relationship matters

Dear Dream Lady,
I dreamed of my dead husband, who was a private pilot who died from a stroke. He was alive and sitting in a recliner in our living room. Ten of his friends came to talk to him about flying. They completely ignored me, which was odd because I knew all of them. He was bending his head down and not making eye contact with anyone. No one seemed to be connecting with anyone. Then, I woke up. What do you make of this?
Connie G., Henderson, Nevada

Dear Connie,
I am not sure how healthy your marriage was, but your dream symbolizes non-communication. It is shown from your late husband not talking to you and from him not talking to his friends. I suspect that this dream haunts you because it symbolizes a lack of communication between you and your husband. If this was true, let the dream go and don’t let it concern you.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I dreamed of an old girlfriend. In my dream, she contacted me and said she had three children and I needed to move in with her and help her care for the children. I have not contacted her since I was out of high school and I have no idea why I had this dream.
Chuck P., Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Chuck,
Sometimes we have dreams “out of the blue” and wonder what they mean. This sounds like one of them.  The one symbol I see is the number three which can symbolize combativeness and/or creation from a dismal situation. It is up to the dreamer to decide whether to give in to the battle or to rise above the situation and move forward with your goals. I hope this helps you.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I had an odd dream about my mother, from whom I am estranged by mutual choice. She came to me and asked me to sit in her lap. I was never close to her and I told her I would not sit on her lap and furthermore she was not to visit me anymore. Did I do the right thing?
Vicki M., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Vicki,
Yes, you did the right thing. It is clear that your mother wanted to keep you dependent on her, which is possibly why you are estranged from her. Since you each have broken away from each other in real life, it is fine to do what you did in your dream.
Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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