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Country Roads and Carwashes

Dear Dream Catcher,

Last week I had a dream where I was driving on a dusty country road. A favorite Hank Williams song was playing on the radio but then, suddenly, when I went around a short bend in the road I ended up in a car wash. For a short while I was frightened in the dream because when the car entered the car wash tunnel I couldn’t tell what was happening or see anything around me. When I exited the car wash I was in a big city and, oddly, I was wearing high heel shoes. I hope you can make sense of this dream. Thank you.

Carole K., Mobile, AL


Dear Carole

This is a dream of contrasts. Country life and city life. A dusty road and a car wash. Hank Williams is a nice touch as Alabama was Williams’ home state, so his song playing on the radio makes the first part of your dream extra emphatic. Dreams that merge contrasts into one another can mean a marriage of sorts is happening somewhere within your private self. In other words, your unconscious mind is preparing you for an upcoming change or reversal of circumstances, and this is where dreams are often associated with prophecy.

The high heels are the wild card in the dream. Some women loathe high heels while others associate them with glamour and being sexy. If you fall into the later category then I’d say this dream is suggesting you let more of your sensuous, playful self out into the open. The car wash could indicate that you’re in a process of letting go of a particular self-image or persona that is more relaxed and carefree, but perhaps it is less socially involved (which being alone in a car can symbolize).

The big city is often associated with more complex and intricate exchanges. In the city we are exposed to all types of different people and often we must interact with those folks through our job. Should you be the type of woman who finds high heel shoes confining, you might find this emersion into a cosmopolitan state of mind a burden. The dream, then, is preparing you by having you analyze and consider the situation before you end up in the middle of a traffic jam. —Dream Catcher


Dear Dream Catcher

I’m always learning something new from you when I read your column so I was really excited when I had this dream last week. I tried to remember as much of it as I could but only small bits of it remained clear. I wish I’d written it down right away. The dream goes like this: I am in a dark room, I think I am laying in a bed and I seem to recall some sort of teacher talking to me and giving me instructions but I am ignoring her. I feel something moving in my mouth and when I open my mouth a butterfly flew out. And then I woke up. Help please!

Jerry T., San Pedro, CA


Dear Jerry

This is a dream about you finding a new way of communicating with your world, at least that is the very first impression I came up with while reading your email. I mention this because in dream interpretation first impressions count for a lot, always study your first impressions for the strongest clues. Butterflies are key symbols of transformation—leaving one mode of existence and beginning a new one. The mouth is often associated with communication, especially when something is emerging from the mouth. That you ignore the authority figure in the dream tells me that you are ready to fly into a new realm of creative expression, of your own discovery and making. Good luck! —Dream Catcher

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