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Wee Fairies and Fast Cars

Dear Dream Catcher

I had a dream last week where I discovered that around a dozen fairies were living under my bed. The tiny people had been living under my mattress for months and then in the dream I discovered them. I was a little bit frightened but also fascinated. What do you make of this?

Terry T., Omaha, NB


Dear Terry

I love when dreams take on a whimsical quality, and the appearance of creatures like fairies usually telescopes us back to a time in our childhood when the existence of magical beings seemed real. So the first thing I would ask you, if we were discussing your dream in person, would be: How did the dream make you feel? You mention fear but also fascination. So this dream might be addressing a time in your childhood where you were beginning to lose contact with the imaginary realms that children experience. To do so is to begin to move into maturing, and for a child that can feel like loss; it can feel frightening. Another way to consider your dream is through the lens of ancient magical ceremonies. In that world Ďelementalsí (fairies, gnomes and other tiny creatures) participated in the actual magical transformations the magician or alchemist was attempting. I mean spells or processes that changed a person from one condition to another. So this dream might be signaling to you that magical work is underway, in the nighttime, while you are asleep. Ask yourself what you most long to see happen in your life right now and then make a request to your nocturnal elementals for assistance.  óDC


Dear Dream Catcher

I keep dreaming about being in a car and the brakes donít work. In one, Iím driving with some friends up a steep ramp to a bridge, and they get out before the ramp for some reason, then I have to gas it hard to get up the steep incline, which is frightening because I canít see whatís beyond the top (and I donít like bridges!) I get over the frighteningly high bridge, then take the wrong exit, thinking to myself, well, my friends can just text me if they want to know where I am. The signs appear to be in Chinese. I actually pause to think, ďWell, I like Chinese food.Ē Then I realize Iíve driven past a toll booth, so I stop the car and try to back up to pay the toll, but the brakes donít work and Iím going faster and faster, past the toll booth, trying to get the car to stop, but I wake up before I can. This is the second dream Iíve had of a car that Iím driving in reverse and the brakes donít work.

Tiara I., Vashon, WA


Dear Tiara

Wow! To start, if we donít interpret the dream right off, and simply sense the energy in your retelling, that sensation will reveal much. So the energy level here is what Iíd call Ďhigh octane.í This is not the dream of a passive observer! No. This is the dream of someone putting a lot attention and focus on direction. Where to move and when. Itís almost a rule (though I donít like rules in dream work) that a car will symbolize a personís sense of self (or ego). Just like in the olden days, someone dreaming about, say, their horse would be dreaming about a part of herself that is related to how she is situated in the world and, again, where she might be going. The sections of the dream involving Chinese probably have nothing to do with China and everything to do with the mind surrendering its ability to read or plan in a linear wayĖforcing you to rely on your gut or instincts. That this is the second dream of this nature, again, represents the force and power of the dreamís message. I recommend putting yourself out into nature as a way to receive direct transmission (and direction) from the Earth. We are all Earthlings and the natural world, if we allow it, will guide us on our wayĖall we need to do is follow the Earthís instructions. Your mind canít do that, but your body can. Happy trails! óDC

Send your dreams to The Dream Catcher c/o Not all dreams are published.

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