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Working through grief

Dear Dream Lady,
I have recurring dreams that I traveled with my cousins and sister. My late husband made all the reservations. I emigrated from another country in 1969 and am now a citizen and I dreamed that I went back to my original home through the back door using a key that my husband had ordered. However, that house never had a back door. I also dreamed of a long-ago boyfriend, but I did not talk to him.
Elvira, Santa Clara, CA

Dear Elvira,
First, my condolences on the sudden passing of your husband. All of your dreams are normal for someone who has suffered an unexpected loss. The symbols in all of your dreams tell me that you are trying your best to function wholly without your husband and it is difficult. The fact that you return to your homestead and have a key that your husband ordered for you tells me you are still trying to think for yourself, but it is difficult. The past boyfriend is a symbol that you are trying to break free of your grief and function as best as you can. I hope you have a strong support group of family or friends because that will help you get through this sad time. These types of dreams might continue for months or maybe years. Please accept them and take one day at a time as you work through your grief.
Dream Lady

Dear Dream Lady,
I dreamed I was driving along a country road. An elderly man flagged me down and said he needed me to test drive his motorboat on a nearby lake. Somehow, I knew it was a dream so I said yes. He showed me a fantastic motorboat that floated above the water. We cruised all day long and he kept asking me if I liked the “test drive” and did he think it would sell on the open market. Since I do not like noisy boats, I said I loved it and yes, people would love to buy it. He then brought me back to my car and I drove home as if nothing had happened! I thought this was so odd; I wanted your take on it.
Julie P., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Julie,
What a pleasant dream! Vehicles symbolize obstacles and/or new adventures. The elderly man is you because he is an unknown person, so think about this since you do not mention your age. He sounds like he seeks adventure so maybe that is an unexplored part of you? The day on the lake sounds like your dream day. My gut instinct is that your dream is telling you to stop with the busyness of your life, tackle obstacles that keep you from this and begin to “test the waters” of adventure. You can do it!
Dream Lady

Send your dreams to Dream Lady to P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98822. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published.

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